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Career Opportunities in the Livestock Industry

The livestock industry offers various career opportunities for individuals interested in animal science, agriculture, and related fields. Here are some career paths you can consider:Livestock ProductionLivestock production involves raising and managing livestock for various purposes, such as meat, milk, or fiber production. This includes jobs such as livestock farmers, ranchers, and herd managers.Animal HealthAnimal health [...]

2023-05-31T13:32:22-05:00May 31st, 2023|

The Current State of Business Overnight Travel for Sales Reps in the Beef and Dairy Industries: A Survey

The Current State of Business Overnight Travel for Sales Reps in the Beef and Dairy Industries: A Survey By: Rick Pascual The COVID-19 pandemic significantly changed how businesses operate, with overnight travel being one of the areas most impacted. Sales reps in the beef and dairy industries had to adapt to these changes and [...]

2023-03-02T10:02:09-06:00February 20th, 2023|

Continental Search to Attend CattleCon2023

Oceanview, DE — Continental Search is excited to confirm attendance at the upcoming Cattle Industry Convention and NCBA Trade Show this February 1 to 3, 2023, at the Ernest N. Memorial Convention Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. Continental Search President Dan Simmons and Recruiters Trish Valenzuela and Rick Pascual will attend the largest and [...]

2023-01-11T08:19:42-06:00January 11th, 2023|

Riding Out The Winter With Limited Hay Supplies?

This year’s grazing season will be a challenge for most beef producers. Those who live in areas affected by drought earlier this year will have limited hay supply and less area for grazing. If that sounds like the producers you work with, Beef Magazine has useful tips that will help your market ride out this [...]

2019-01-28T16:02:02-06:00January 28th, 2019|

Injectable Trace Mineral Supplementation For Cattle

Maintaining optimal mineral status in cattle can be tricky for producers, especially for herds in the pasture. This is why a lot of them implement mineral supplementation. Drovers just shared an insightful article that talks about recent studies done by the University of Illinois. Animal scientists from the University of Illinois studied the effects of [...]

2018-08-13T08:31:24-05:00August 13th, 2018|

Treating Foot Rot Early

With the warmer weather upon us, most people are more than ready for the summer. The wise producer, however, understands that warm weather comes with its share of problem, too. Rhonda McCurry of Beef Magazine addresses one of the most stressful summer concerns, foot rot in livestock. Foot rot can be attributed to a combination [...]

2018-08-02T16:29:30-05:00August 2nd, 2018|

Liver Biopsies For Mineral Deficiency Testing – Beef

Mineral deficiencies in cattle can be hard to spot, especially if you are looking for them in the wrong places. Beef Magazine recently published an article by Alan Newport that will be insightful for producers in this industry. Dr. Jeffery Hall, head of the Utah Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, received a package with 10 pairs of [...]

2018-06-18T11:02:18-05:00June 18th, 2018|

Free Your Herd From Under-Performing Cows

Mark Mauldin with the University of Florida Extension published an article in Drovers, a couple days ago. I thought it would be a good read for producers in the beef and dairy industry. One of the best ways to ensure optimal herd performance is to set a defined breeding season. Mauldin says this should be [...]

2018-06-05T14:14:34-05:00June 5th, 2018|

No Guessing Allowed in Cow Supplementation

Beef Magazine has become one of my favorite news sources for all things related to beef. This article sums up what many nutritionists have said during our calls when asked about the importance of nutrition in the beef industry.  While some cows just seem to thrive no matter what they are eating, it’s never safe [...]

2018-05-03T17:21:12-05:00May 3rd, 2018|